Lemon-pepper coho salmon with cauliflower puree

Lemon-pepper coho salmon with cauliflower puree


1. Make the cauliflower puree by grinding all the ingredients mentioned in the food processor.
2. In hot oil, cook the salmon portions on the skin side for 3-4 minutes, then turn them over and finish cooking for 2-3 minutes while turning off the cooking surface.
3. For salsa: Cook the shiitake in the cooking oil. In a bowl, mix the shiitake and the other salsa ingredients.
4. Serve the salmon portions on top of the cauliflower puree. Dress with the salsa.


10 minutes


10 minutes




For the cauliflower puree
– 200 ml of oven-roasted cauliflowers
– 200 ml of oven-roasted onions
– 150 ml of cream 35%
– Freshly chopped sage
– Salt and pepper

For salmon
– 2 Grizzly Lemon-pepper coho salmon portions (1 box)
– 100 ml of vegetable oil
– Salt and pepper

For salsa
– 125 ml of olive oil
– 100 ml of roasted cashew nuts
– 100 ml of roasted and sliced shiitakes
– 50 ml of capers
– The juice of a fresh lemon

For decoration
– A few micro-picks of peas
– A grilled lemon wedge