Cromesquis of pulled smoked salmon

Cromesquis of pulled smoked salmon


1. In a small bowl, beat the two eggs. Reserve
2. In a small bowl, mix the panko breadcrumbs and sesame seeds. Reserve
3. In a large bowl, mix all ingredients for the stuffing.
4. Shape into small balls of the same size.
5. Dip them in the eggs and then in the breadcrumb mixture.
6. Fry the balls in vegetable oil.

For the mayonnaise
Mix mayonnaise, peanut butter and sesame seeds.


10 minutes


10 minutes


For the stuffing
– 1 package of Grizzly pulled smoked salmon
– 100 ml of soy sauce
– 100 ml of hoisin sauce
– 75 ml of breadcrumbs
– 30 ml of chopped green onions

For the batter
– 2 eggs
– 200 ml of panko breadcrumbs
– 200 ml of sesame seeds
– 500 ml of vegetable oil

For the mayonnaise
– 125 ml of mayonnaise
– 125 ml of peanut butter
– 15 ml of sesame seeds

For decoration
– 1 small cucumber
– A few large capers