Know-how and freshness

The majestic grizzly bear, king of the vast northern wilderness, possesses a skill for salmon fishing that has been honed over millennia and has no equal. Lurking in the rapids, the grizzly recognizes the silvery sheen of wild salmon and craves the outstanding taste and freshness of its prey. We were so inspired by this iconic animal that we named our exceptional products “Grizzly.”


It all started with Pierre Fontaine, a nature lover led by his passion, who secluded himself in the forest to create the perfect recipe for smoked salmon. Founded in 1991, Fumoir Grizzly offered superior quality fish prepared according to its founder’s recipe using an authentic and time-honored method.

Fumoir Grizzly developed quickly, but always with people in mind. Over the years, the company grew in size and reputation. Its products appeared on the shelves of the biggest grocery chains, and it forged a name for itself in restaurants and among their top chefs. After passing on his know-how, Mr. Fontaine stepped aside in 2010 to make way for a new administration equally passionate about and committed to the quality and healthiness of the fish it produces. Fumoir Grizzly Inc. is enjoying significant growth in Quebec.

Keeping a steady focus on preparing superior quality products from sustainable fisheries, Fumoir Grizzly stands apart as an employer of choice. We allow our employees to pursue their studies and contribute to the cultural integration of those who come from abroad.

Thanks to our team, Fumoir Grizzly is now a leader among Canada’s biggest smokehouses and is very well known in Quebec. Our 85 employees work with passion and attention to detail in a constantly growing plant.


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